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Having taken probably hundreds of taxis in Sweden and lived and travelled there many times, I would say that where you sit should not be an issue per se. But, as with anywhere in the world the driver needs to feel comfortable and you might be unlucky to find an awkward one. If you are unsure then you can also say to them the reason why; most will not have a ...


I have lived in Nordic countries for more than 10 years. As per my experience, the driver doesn't care whether you seat in front or in the back seat of the car. Most of the car doesn't put their bag in front also so you can easily take front seat. However, driver never allows you to put luggage in the back seat. It should go in the trunk. Besides that, ...


@Arthur has provided a good base to answer your question. And to be fair, to quickly check if Uber is present in a specific country - it's probably the best and easiest way. However, for identifying whether Uber is present in a specific location i.e. city, town or a village, I will still advise to actually open the Uber app to see if there are any Uber cars ...


A search on Google would have found you this page. 700 cities listed on the Uber web site.

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