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Walk-up fares will generally be expensive (and almost never cheaper) than booking online, so as long as your schedule is fixed, I would recommend booking ahead. Also check out day cruise fares: odd as it may seem, it can be much cheaper to book a return fare, which are often steeply discounted, than a one-way fare, which usually are not. For example, at ...


As a frequent traveller with Tallink Silja it's very easy for me to answer this question. Cruises You must get a physical paper key with a magnetic stripe for your cabin and to be able to pass the automatic gates at the terminal. You can get the key(s) either at the manned kiosks or using self-service machines. There's no need to "check-in" before you get ...


I took the train from Warsaw to Kaunas, then next morning from Kaunas to Riga via the early bus. I had to stay overnight in Kaunas at a nice hotel, good wine, great hotel, good food.

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