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Hello and welcome to Switzerland. I doubt it is possible to rent warm clothes - here people are expected to buy their own. They are available for purchase pretty much everywhere on open days (that means, not sundays) so aquiering them should not be an issue - and they are typically cheaper than a train ticket to Jungraujoch too so if you could afford the ...


The first question is asking if you have a passport, national ID card, or refugee documents that can serve as a passport for international travel purposes. They don’t mean a USA drivers license, which are issued by individual states and can’t be used for international travel (they could in the past for travel to Mexico/Canada, but not since post-911). With ...


is a Driver's License issued from London considered an "official identity card from an EU/EFTA state?" No. Such identity cards are proof of nationality, which is why they are useful for international travel (to some countries only). A driver's license is no proof of nationality; it does not even mention nationality. As noted in the other answer, the UK ...


No, a driver's license is not an identity card, and cannot be used in lieu of a passport for EU/Schengen purposes. Identity cards from EU countries that do issue them can be used instead of passports for purposes of internal travel in the EU/EEA, but the UK does not issue such cards to its citizens.


I live in Hamburg and while maybe not all over Germany you can take the bike with you inside the train, you definitely can in HVV trains in Hamburg:


Your permit appears on the list of residence permits issued by Schengen states. This means that you can visit any other Schengen country while it is valid, provided that you do not spend more than 90 days in other Schengen countries in any 180-day period. You may use any mode of transportation.


Having done so myself, yes. It's called an International Driving Permit in English - it has three other language translations: German, French and Italian. I used this website: I did this by post and I remember the fee being CHF 30, it varies depending on canton and may have increased. The website has ...


You can get an Internation driving license in Switzerland if you have a Swiss driving licence in credit card format. You need to go to your canton’s road traffic office or send them a photo and a copy of your driving license. For more information visit For ordering an international driving license while abroad there is no standart answer and this will ...

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