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What 6+ months validity? There is no such rule. Thailand only requires your passport be valid during your stay, and that is only if you clear immigration. If you remain airside, it doesn't matter at all.


With importing personal amounts of food, as you are doing, the main customs concern is not whether you need to pay duty on it, which is quite unlikely, but whether it's allowed into the country (or the EEA) at all. Depending on the specific food and its origin, any specific item might be banned for import or restricted. This usually isn't a problem for pre-...


Where you go through customs can vary from trip to trip. In a few cases, a country has set up pre-clearance in the country you depart from, as when flying from Dublin to Boston on Aer Lingus; for this trip one goes through US customs and immigration in Dublin. This is unusual and I don't think it happens with Denmark. If you fly into a region with unified ...


I couldn't find a reference on the airport's own web site, but from this page The terminal at Kiruna Airport is open during the day. The terminal opens about an hour before the first flight departure and close about 30 minutes after the last flight arrival. This means that the terminal is closed during the night. Kiruna Airport doesn’t offer any ...

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