Combining travelling and learning

Humans never cease to learn. In a way, all travelling is learning: getting new experiences enriches one's life. However, sometimes one may travel specifically for the purpose of learning. Some questions fit in travel, other questions may fit better elsewhere. Questions could include:

  • Visa-related questions (can I study on tourist visa?)
  • Traveling to Spain to learn Spanish — see also Spanish, but likely more on-topic on Travel, in particular since not every language has a Stack Exchange site. Other language sites: Japanese, German, French, Russian, Chinese.
  • Music lessons in specific places — see also Music, but likely more on-topic on Travel if it's about a specific place
  • Going to a camp to learn kayaking, sailing etc. (see also The Great Outdoors)
  • Travelling to learn cooking (See also Seasoned Advice)
  • Going on exchange studies (see also Academia)