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It wasn't a problem. The china immigration officer didn't say anything about it. Actually immigration officer system had my full name as the passport. visa consultation company are correct with skip middle name because of less space. but always double-check with the embassy if happed similar situation. Thanks


This could be an issue, as often they want the visa to match exactly to the name in the passport, but that being said it is also very common for names that are too long to have their middle name removed (in many countries including China), so they are used to this happening. It really comes down to who is checking your visa on the day, as no matter what the ...


I agree that the Maldives will refuse you entry. If an airline carries a passenger who is refused entry at a destination or a transit location, the airline is required to return that passenger to the point of departure at the airline's expense (although the airline may later try to recoup the cost from the passenger). Thus, airlines are very careful to ...


All nationalities need at least 6 months on their passport for a visa: Should posses a valid passport with Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) -(standard ICAO Annex 9, chapter 3.10.1)and should have at least 6 months validity (Maldive Embassy Website) You would probably be refused entry. Singaporean authorities don’t check your passport on transit. ...

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