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According to Lonely Planet: All hotels can arrange SPU protection. It costs about US$20 per day for a soldier, plus food.


As of my personal experience from 2014, you have to request it. You will not automatically be accompanied by a police escort. *** Update*** Again, as of my personal experience from 2014, you are able to travel to Tog Wajaale and Berbara without SUP facing no problems.


I traveled as a single (male) traveller to Somaliland in 2014. At that time, I also read about obligatory SPU protection. I entered via Tog Wajaale from where I traveled by car/minibus to Hargeisa and Berbera. I walked around in Hargeisa and Berbera during day and night on my own. During my entire stay in Somaliland, I was never accompanied by SPU. Besides ...

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