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Thessaloniki to Seattle for August 2023

You seem to have fallen through the cracks here There aren't a lot of mainline carriers that serve SKG and for some strange reason most flights to the main hubs (Frankfurt, London) leave only in the ...
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Thessaloniki to Seattle for August 2023

In Google Flights, select your airports, a random date in August (do just one-way to simplify things), and add filters for “one stop or less” and “layover duration: max 5h” (for instance). Now click ...
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Thessaloniki Airport to KTEL Halkidikis bus station

By 2023 the bus line is renamed to X1 Bus during day and N1 bus during night. https://oasth.gr/#en/routeinfo/list/61/12/73/ is the correct link right now.
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