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Only difference is knowing you have a ticket for that date, where as walk ups could have to wait if the venue is at capacity


I've visited all the Cable Landing Stations in Cornwall, they are all linked up by ducts under 3 roads that run from West Penwith all the way to Bude passing Widemouth Bay. On the beach at Widemouth there are two Post Office Manholes that have HD marked on them near the Lifeguard Hut, these are where the sea cables are spliced onto the land cables which then ...


Some statistics on how many tourists each prefecture receives can be found here. There's a little English language summary of some key findings here. Last year, the top ten prefectures for overnight stays by foreigners were: Tokyo Osaka Hokkaido Kyoto Okinawa Chiba Fukuoka Aichi Kanagawa Yamanashi The ten least popular prefectures were: ...

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