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You'll be fine. Even if you miss the 16:00 flight they will simply put you on the 19:30 flight, so you still will get to London the same day. CAVEAT: Please double check the later HEL -> LHR flight for your specific flight date.


As @jcaron has written, theoretically, it should be possible in case your first flight is not delayed. However, I would not count on that. Very recently I had two flights with Finnair (one within the EU, one outside), both were delayed. If your first flight is delayed, will you be allowed to enter Finland? Currently, due to the pandemic, there is a single ...


With the two flights on a single booking, it means the airline thinks it’s possible, and will usually do all they can so that it happens (because they have a liability of it doesn’t). You won’t go through passport control in Helsinki: you are coming from a non-Schengen country, going to a non-Schengen country, there’s no reason for anyone to check your ...

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