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There are ready to heat meals available in many shops and you can get things like upma poha etc (typical Indian food) as dehydrated meals that are reconstituted with hot water.


Yes, you can buy prepackaged food in convenience stores throughout India and there are many. Even in small shops you can buy prepackaged food like cakes, or ready to eat stuff etc. which you can heat up in your room. But prepackaged food in India does not mean that you will not get sick. If you want to avoid getting sick in India you have to do: Don’t ...


There is no 7-11 in India. Convenience stores that sells pre-packaged food that can be heated up like 7/11 are rare. You can visit shopping malls in the area or hypermarket and search. They may sell it. However, noodles, bread, biscuits and other things that can be eaten right away or bit cooking is available in even the smallest store. Just a pro tip: ...

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