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The ferry you chose before was a 21 hour ride. The trip you imagine would be twice that, nowhere within sight of land (except on the Spanish end), and through not particularly polite seas. Regardless, that ride does not exist. I concur with not driving, having just done a driving trip twice that long myself, it would be a 2-day trip if you push, when ...


Did you look at the Saint Nazaire to Gijon Ferry>? This would still leave a 7.5 hour drive down to Lisbon, though. Ah, it may be that this service is no longer available :-( Source: Sorry, our Saint Nazaire - Gijon page is no longer available due to this service not running anymore. For an alternative, please visit the following pages


It seems that there is no direct option From this quite old (2012) discussion on Le (the website of a popular French tourist guide), there is no direct ferry route between Bretagne and Portugal. Ferries goes to Spain, in Gijon or Bilbao for example. This website confirms it was still the case in 2015. This makes sense, as Portuguese main cities,...


It's hard prove a negative, but: Nantes to Lisbon is a two hour flight, easyJet, Transavia and Air France all do it, can't imagine there being a high demand for a ship this way. Even the Saint Nazaire-Gijon route was suspended five years ago and that's much shorter. That year is no coincidence -- the Perpignan–Barcelona high speed rail line opened in 2013 ...

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