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How to find people to do long hikes?

One possibility you have is to find a hiking club. There are some all over the world and that's where you'll probably find the most involved hikers, those ready to invest money on long hiking trips, ...
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Is 16 days enough to self-drive the whole Iceland ring road in September, and fit in activities?

Yes, 16 days should be plenty of time in my opinion. I have driven the ring road several times, sometimes in much shorter time, but then of course not with quite so many activities. I took a brief ...
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Toyama bay firefly squids

Multiple Japanese-language sites I looked at tell me about the following conditions: They often appear on the shore, so you don't need to take a tour They are hard to see except in the middle of the ...
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Toyama bay firefly squids

The museum has an English page. http://hotaruikamuseum.com/en/museum On the "Business hours" page, it mentions that the firefly squid can usually be seen between March 20 and June 1.
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Are there any websites with lists of self-guided themed tours?

These aren't crowdsourced sites, but there are some excellent professional ones. A few examples (I'm making this a community wiki so others can add their own): Rick Steves Audio Tours (Europe) - free,...

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