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Wow this is an obvious fake. The only thing not obvious to me is what reservation they could've used to doctor because this absolutely is not just editing the passenger ... others already pointed out some problems but there are so many more. Here's a few. It starts with "BA Booking reference" followed by "TG Booking reference". TG is Thai Airways which has ...


One more way: go to the airline’s website, put in the surname and the six-character confirmation code. You will immediately get either the full true itinerary or the message that there is no such booking. Note that it’s still (probably) a scam even if not fake. Trivial to book a flight, copy the confirmation, and then cancel.


This is a fake. One can identify this as follows: Note the different in color and size of some of the text, especially in the first flight departure time, the initial 0 is not the same size and color as the 8:00. IMHO at least the following have been doctored: first flight number, departure date and time and arrival date, second flight month passenger name....


By searching on BA's website I can't see any flight that leaves at that time, the only scheduled flight from Accra to LHR is after 10pm each night. I also searched several other sites getting the same result, no flight matches those flight times. The flight code itself leads to a LHR - Accra flight, so it's backwards which is also suspicious. As pointed ...

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