Questions about travel to and around the San Francisco Bay Area in northern California in the USA.

The San Francisco Bay Area, in the U.S. often referred to as simply the Bay Area, is a major metropolitan area in , on the Pacific Coast of the .

The Bay Area covers a wide geographic expanse and is commonly subdivided into the following regions:

  • the Peninsula, including the city of and San Mateo County
  • the East Bay, encompassing Alameda and Contra Costa Counties, including the city of Oakland
  • the South Bay, or , encompassing Santa Clara County, including the city of , and sometimes considered to include Santa Cruz County
  • the North Bay, encompassing Marin, Sonoma, and Napa Counties

The major airports serving the region include , , and , and there are numerous and road connections elsewhere.

Use the tag for travel that includes other parts of northern California, or for areas that are sometimes considered part of the Bay Area but are generally considered peripheral, such as San Benito County or San Joaquin County.

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