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According to Lonely Planet: All hotels can arrange SPU protection. It costs about US$20 per day for a soldier, plus food.

3 (mirror): At Airbnb, we’re always working on making our community as secure as possible for everyone. That’s why, before booking a home or experience, or becoming a host, we may ask for a government ID or have you confirm your legal name and add your address. ...


You don't have to upload an ID. My wife a I use the platform without having done so. EDIT: We're in the US. Note Bërnhard Dobler's comment below: for certain destinations, AirBnB may indeed require an ID.


You really just need to know the main road rules and road signs. If you're visiting New Zealand, there's a tourist road code quiz you can do for free. The agency you rent your car from will have some advice and there's a booklet called 'Driving in New Zealand' which is multi-lingual and usually provided in the glovebox of your rental vehicle. Finally, you'...

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