As in Europe, in the USA it does depend on your mode of transport, your willingness to find alternative travel options, the actual place you will be at any given moment and how flexible you are in what kind of accommodation you are accepting. If you travel by car, book online a few days ahead of time and are flexible in your length of travel day, and are ...


This strongly depends on where you are going, what kind of accommodation you are looking for, and how much you are willing to pay. The West Coast of the USA ranges from National Parks and wilderness areas to some of the largest urban areas on the continent. In popular tourist areas with limited accommodation, such as the Big Sur, you may well be too late ...


You'll be traveling after most schools' spring breaks end. A few universities may finish their spring semesters in early-to-mid-May but that shouldn't cause too many problems. There are no federal holidays in that period either.

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