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What is this machine inside a terminal in Riga airport?

This is a detector of radioactive materials (to make sure passengers are not carrying anything radioactive), possibly model "TSA PM700" from Rapiscan Systems. From the site: A high sensitivity ...
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What is this machine inside a terminal in Riga airport?

To backup the already correct answer, what you're looking at is a Radiation Portal Monitor. They vary in size depending on what they're scanning. They are designed to scan for radioactive materials. I'...
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Where can I find plug sockets in Riga Airport (RIX)?

There are a couple (literally: I saw 2) publicly accessible sockets in the primary B terminal, which is nice and modern but very crowded; both of the sockets I saw were in use, which isn't surprising ...
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Leaving Riga airport at intermediate stop

Latvia and Denmark are both in the Schengen area, so no matter which passport you have, Riga is where it will be checked. After you pass though the Schengen outer border in Riga, immigration ...
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