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Identify location (and painter) of old painting

The church tower on the third picture looks like Sankt Michaelis (Michel) in Hamburg. The tower was rebuilt into it's current form after it burned down in 1906 so this dates the painting as being done ...
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London to Oxford by boat

The River Thames is technically navigable as far as Lechlade, a few miles upstream from Oxford. However the river narrows significantly just above Oxford and is not used, as far as I know, by cruise ...
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Where was this picture of Oriental boats near European-looking buildings taken?

Srinagar, Kashmir - old city with river Jhelum. The "temple" is in fact the Khanqah-e-Moula Mosque, one of the oldest mosques in Kashmir. Here's another old photography, showing a similar view: (...
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How long does it take thames river boats to go from Westminster to Kew Gardens?

While the WPSA website doesn't have a timetable, the Transport for London website does. It looks like it takes about an hour and a half. (For comparison, it would take about 50 minutes by rail - ...
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How to take a boat from Iquitos to Santa Rosa/Laticia/Tabatinga?

How to take a boat from Iquitos to Santa Rosa/Laticia/Tabatinga Where to get up-to-date information iPeru provides information. In Iquitos, their office is at the location marked with (i) near the ...
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How does pricing on the Amazon River boats work?

As a rule of thumb, any board, if not written with chalk or easily editable, is outdated. I have found this site with prices (in Portuguese): Porto de Manaus Agency Also there's this trip's tips ...
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Can I take a boat down the Mosel river from the vicinity of Trier to Koblenz

KD, which you found is large an well known, but to my knowledge does not offer any longer tours over night. http://www.flusskreuzfahrten.de/ seems to be a search site for river cruises, but is not ...
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Is there any limitation on foreign nationals travelling by passenger boat Omsk – Salekhard or Salekhard – Antipayuta?

It seems to me that Salekhard is neither in border proximity zone nor in the list of territories where international citizens' travel is controlled. Neither is Ob' river waterway. However, ...
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Besides Portage and Opeongo Stores, where can a layperson rent watercraft in Algonquin Park?

I tried to get an answer to this question by e-mailing The Friends of Algonquin Park as mention in the comments by pnuts. The answer I got was that the outfitting services that are in or ner the park ...
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Overview (map) of Russian long-distance river regular passenger ships in regions too remote for roads or railways

An overview of the river routes I was able to find: European Russia Pechora river On the Pechora river, the company RTK Komi has: Усть-Цильма (Ust-Tsilma) – Уег – Верхнее Бугаево – Окунёв Нос – ...
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Can I bring a suitcase aboard the riverboat Koln-Dusseldorfer (K-D) Line, traveling from St. Goare to Mainz, Germany?

According to their FAQ (see "Bicycles & Luggage"): There is no luggage office on board or at the wharf, therefore large baggage cannot be transported (max. hand baggage size). The passenger is ...
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Boats from Manaus, Brazil to Leticia, Colombia?

I went to Tabatinga/Brazil where the boats arrive (to check the boats to sail down the Amazon river to prepare for the next time to sail down). As of 2017 Feb, there are a few operators and boats ...
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Where can I find a map of all the canal boat routes in Bangkok?

As far as I know, no such map exists, because: the canal boat network is actually much more sparse than the quoted page suggests, it's not integrated to the rest of Bangkok's public transport system (...
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What is the furthest north one can get without flying or taking special cruises?

The Qaanaaq Hotel (hotelqaanaaq.dk) in Greenland, 3971   Qaanaaq Kalaallit Nunaat, is at 77.469, and there is a whole village around it. They website explains: "The travel route is Copenhagen to ...
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Guide on Thames-boat in London

As others have said TFL do not operate any river boat services in London. MBNA Thames clippers operate regular scheduled services which can be paid for using the oyster/contactless system but are ...
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Stops on Manaus - Santarém - Belem boat trip

Your ticket is for one boat. In principle, you can not get off, wait, and get on another boat, without purchasing another ticket. Also, the long distance boats only go once or twice per week. There ...
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