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Can you legally refuse to pay resort fees in Hawaii?

Having worked at the front desk of a hotel in Hawaii myself, I know that unless negotiated when paying for the room you will be obligated to pay for the resort fee. The only ramification a hotel can ...
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What is "Resort-style living", "No Mello Roos" and "direct access garage"?

One example of a garage that's not "direct access" is parking apartment style: a shared garage with assigned spaces, but you need to take communal elevators/stairs to reach your house, ...
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Dominican Republic accepted currency and tipping

Yes, your Canadian money is accepted in the punta Cana area you don't need to do currency exchange but if you are going outside the resort you can ask them at the front desk to have a currency ...
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Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

The ticket (1 or 2 day) allows you the entrance and use of the park attractions nothing else, is valid for 6 months since the first time you purchase it tho. If you are looking for some discounts, ...
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I have a question about all inclusive vacation bundles, rarer scenario, question about base price

This is very broad as there are many ways these bundles are priced. Generally though, the price per-person is quoted with a couple and so is discounted based on shared costs of the accommodations. ...
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How can I find small resorts in Puerto Rico or the Dominican Republic?

When looking for hotels in specific areas I like using google maps. I just look around and click around. I use both the street view and satellite view help to judge the size and the quality of the ...
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