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Scam or not? Booking does rents?

This looks very much like a scam. Apart from a very strange payment procedure, which is a huge red flag in itself, I see at least three more red flags. Firstly, the price is quite low, as you mention. ...
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Scam or not? Booking does rents?

This is a scam. I learnt about this particular kind of fraud on a newspaper years ago. For your future safety, let me say that whenever I have a doubt, I google to confirm. I google the sender, any ...
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Scam or not? Booking does rents?

It is a known scam within Germany, see (e.g.) here or here. Relevant points "landlord" claims he is living abroad "landlord" claims he had trouble with potential tenant before &...
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How to fight being charged for a full tank at Enterprise Zurich?

Whilst it's possible that this is a scam, there are also many legitimate reasons that something like this could happen - from simple human error on behalf of the person checking in the vehicle on ...
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Renting a laptop for personal use in Las Vegas?

I have travelled with both my work and personal laptops; I'm not sure why you think that will not be possible for you. (I think my biggest tech load was two laptops, two phones, one or two tablets, a ...
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Scam or not? Booking does rents?

Definitely a scam. And one I have encountered myself before. (in germany) I would assume this to be common in every bigger city all around the globe by now. How I knew for certain it was a scam even ...
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Can a 19-year-old drive a New York rental car in Ontario?

The border agencies have never asked about my drivers license or vehicle registration. They are not tasked with enforcing these laws. Your issue will be with the rental company. Make sure you will be ...
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Have you ever successfully negotiated rent in London? If yes, how?

No, negotiating rent is basically unheard of. With a lack of UK credit history you are already considered a risky customer, and if you then ask about negotiating rent it will be assumed you cannot ...
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Renting Airbnb. One set of keys Bucharest

While I don't think there any obligation for the host to provide more than one set of keys (unless they said otherwise in the description or in previous exchanges), for a long term rental it seems to ...
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Renting Airbnb. One set of keys Bucharest

Go to a locksmith and make copies of the keys for your own use. Then throw away the keys when you leave, or give them to the landlord.
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Scam or not? Booking does rents?

This is a scam. The "Booking" doing the alleged service will be the same scammer under the guise of being They will say everything is ok and you should trust both them and the ...
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Where can I find short term apartment rental offers in Berlin?

There are a few websites for short-term housing. Most of them rent overpriced furnished apartments that essentially work like hotels or Airbnbs. List of short-term housing websites You can find ...
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