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Rent clothing in Frankfurt / Being warm without cold weather clothing

You can "simulate" renting some warm clothing in Frankfurt. There is an Oxfam shop in Sachsenhausen, about a 20 - 25 minute walk or about EUR 12 for a taxi from the central train station. Oxfam is ...
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Payment instructions allegedly from HomeAway look fishy to me

Just looking at the domain name: - registered in 2018 registrar: NAMECHEAP INC registered by: information hidden email account hosted by: (which is a product of ...
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How can I tell if this Polish villa for rent is a scam?

It is VERY popular in Poland that you book accommodation directly with the landlord via email or a phone. Most of so called "private accommodation" (kwatery prywatne) are not listed on or ...
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Payment instructions allegedly from HomeAway look fishy to me

This is a scam. There are several red flags. With one of them, I'd be highly suspicious. With the trifecta, it's definitely a scam. Using a slightly different domain name which is one of many ...
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How can I tell if this Polish villa for rent is a scam?

According to the wayback machine, the contact number for this site in 2013 was +48 666 111 001 which is the same as it is today. They were also renting out the place in 2013 and have the same photos. ...
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Payment instructions allegedly from HomeAway look fishy to me

This situation has a couple strong parallels to common housing scams. Rental scam #1 – the cloned listing This is one of the most popular Craigslist rental scams, perhaps because it’s so cheap to ...
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How can I tell if this Polish villa for rent is a scam?

At least the most telltale warning signs are missing. First, it contains Polish, German and English which is to be expected because Germans are one of the main tourists (and Masuria is really ...
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Scam or not? Booking does rents?

This looks very much like a scam. Apart from a very strange payment procedure, which is a huge red flag in itself, I see at least three more red flags. Firstly, the price is quite low, as you mention. ...
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Scam or not? Booking does rents?

This is a scam. I learnt about this particular kind of fraud on a newspaper years ago. For your future safety, let me say that whenever I have a doubt, I google to confirm. I google the sender, any ...
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Booking a rent-a-car through VPN (different location)

Yes, it may be very well worth to give it a try. Location based price differences are quite common in the travel industry and it is very much possible to save money by pretending to be somewhere else. ...
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How can I tell if this Polish villa for rent is a scam?

I find it interesting that you consider "the bank transfer itself" to be a "Red Flag". In my opinion, that is the result of media attention on the bad instead of the good. To address your concern of ...
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Are all AirBnb listings public?

can Listing be private and only be accessible with the direct link ? Yes, according to If you dont' want the general public to ...
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Scam or not? Booking does rents?

It is a known scam within Germany, see (e.g.) here or here. Relevant points "landlord" claims he is living abroad "landlord" claims he had trouble with potential tenant before &...
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How can a tourist register for the Bicing bicycle sharing in Barcelona?

No, you can't use Bicing bikes. Only locals can use it, the membership card takes 15 days to arrive. The membership card is personal, and can't be lended. Also, you need a Spanish address, and you pay ...
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Legality of cameras in vacation/holiday home?

I could find a report on Portuguese tenancy law by Bremen University. While legal aspects regarding private rental may be quite different from tenancy laws, I assume it still serves as an indication ...
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Flat renting in Berlin for medium-term period

For medium term flat rentals (1-2 months) you could look to Airbnb which works in about any place by now. Probably cheaper would be if you can find a private place as a temporary short-term rental ...
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Temporary lock for rented accommodation

It is the norm for a landlord or his/her agent to have a key to an accommodation they own or rent. Landlord/tenant laws often include an access condition to the effect that they have to give the ...
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How to fight being charged for a full tank at Enterprise Zurich?

Whilst it's possible that this is a scam, there are also many legitimate reasons that something like this could happen - from simple human error on behalf of the person checking in the vehicle on ...
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Safest ways to pay for a vacation rental?

Answering Question B, to transact safely, use a platform with an escrow system. A reversible payment (credit card, PayPal), especially from someone in another country, brings the merchant a ...
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Renting room in Madrid

I've been living in Barcelona for a few years, and I've done my fair share of apartment hunting so I know the Spanish rental situation relatively well. Is it important to book beforehand? I would say ...
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Rent a car for a day and leave it in another city in Italy

yes it's possible, many rental companies offer such a service. If you perform a search on (a rental car broker service which I usually use) you will find plenty of options and companies....
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Rent clothing in Frankfurt / Being warm without cold weather clothing

I am not aware of any "rental service" for simple warm clothes and it's difficult to see how that would work since buying them outright isn't very expensive. If you are not keen on spending ...
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Are there alternatives to AirBnb for London, UK?

My searching lead me to Plum Guide, which looks like a slightly more up-market and curated version of AirBnb, aimed specifically at London. It gets some snarky reviews on Trip Advisor (for what that'...
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Renting a laptop for personal use in Las Vegas?

I have travelled with both my work and personal laptops; I'm not sure why you think that will not be possible for you. (I think my biggest tech load was two laptops, two phones, one or two tablets, a ...
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Find short-term room in the U.S. from abroad

You can never eliminate all risk of a foreign rental, of course, other than by staying home. You can reduce risk by dealing with a large and trusted middleman (such as Airbnb) and with a provider ...
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Safest ways to pay for a vacation rental?

It sounds fishy to me too. Not as fishy as Western Union or MoneyGram, because I could just guarantee those are scams. For a transaction done on a site that doesn't offer assurances of their own (so ...
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Rent clothing in Frankfurt / Being warm without cold weather clothing

Make like you are in the army: Pantyhose go under your pants for leg warmth. Cheap, lightweight, small and warm. A long sleeve flannel shirt plus a sweater and an undershirt will keep you pretty ...
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