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Why are some specific seats marked as prioritized for people in need?

As well as Johns-305's excellent answer there is another good reason for designating some seats as priority seats. It enables the operators to enforce the 'give up your seat for someone who needs it' ...
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How to use public transport in Russia with limited knowledge of Russian?

While you will generally experience a strong language barrier, the public transport system should be the least of your worries. With a bit of beforehand knowledge it can be an easy, interesting and ...
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Why did the metro bus stop at each railway crossing, despite no warning indicating a train was coming?

There is a federal regulation requiring buses to do this. 49 CFR 392.10: Except as provided in paragraph (b) of this section, the driver of a commercial motor vehicle specified in paragraphs (a) (1) ...
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Personal security during a business trip to Moscow

Update: as of March 2022, travel to Russia is unsafe for anyone. The country is not even safe for its own citizens. Anyone — regardless of whether you're a Russian national or not, no matter what ...
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Are there any binational mass rapid transit systems?

Yes - the Basel tram system is mostly in Switzerland but extends into both France and Germany. There are five stations in France and three in Germany.
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Why are some specific seats marked as prioritized for people in need?

Here are some reasons for this. To be clear, the exact reasoning would vary by operator or agency. The Priority seats are often next to the door allowing easier access when boarding, exiting, and in ...
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Can I use a priority seat if it is vacant?

If there is no one on the bus/train/etc who currently needs the seat (or wheelchair space, where seats in that space exist) then it is perfectly okay to sit in it. Just be observant and be ready to ...
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Why isn't there public transport on Christmas Day in the UK?

The United Kingdom is officially, and has been for approaching a millennium and a half at this point (if one looks at the precursor states), a Christian country. Good Friday and Christmas Day have ...
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Hiking in Scotland under 21 without a car

Not only is this possible, it would be my preferred way of doing it. Scotland has very good rail and bus connections, and the railways run through some of the best scenery and over some of the most ...
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Leaving Italy without paying a fine for a bus fare violation

There is no online database lookup when you leave Italy. At the most they will check your passport to make sure it is valid, and stamp it if necessary. Theoretically this could be done if you use the ...
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Is wearing a mask in public a no-no (making one look weird)?

Wear the mask when you feel the need. It is unfortunate that people sometimes react that way but they do with many other things than masks too. Too bad that few people outside of Asia understand than ...
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German €9 ticket for trains: who's eligible, and what's the catch?

Is this as good as it sound? No trick? No additional fee? Yes, no tricks, no additional fee. However, it is only valid in regional trains, not in long-distance trains like IC, EC, ICE, night trains, ...
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How does the Central London transport system work?

What ticket do I need to travel in the centre all day? Is there a top-up card I can use? If you are just traveling for one day you have a few main options. Buy a paper travelcard for the zones you ...
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Orienting oneself after exiting an underground station

I have the same issue, especially in China, where the subway stations are big, often crowded, where map apps don't work well, and I can't read any street signs. Compass app on the phone is really ...
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Why isn't there public transport on Christmas Day in the UK?

My family had no car until I was about 12. The lack of public transit on Christmas Day was no problem. We spent the day at home, or at the home of relatives. Each family member traveled to where they ...
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Caught in Czech Republic for travelling with invalid ticket

The stamp on your ticket is so poor, that it is really difficult to read. It does indeed say Aug 27th, but it can very easily be read as Aug 21st: The stamp actually reads 'P27Ⅷ17', but the uppermost ...
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Caught in Czech Republic for travelling with invalid ticket

They did not believe me and took me to another person who forced me to pay 800 Kronas as a fine. They said if I refused to pay, I would be taken to the police station. Ticket inspectors cannot make ...
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Why is the subway in Seoul so cheap?

The price for riding a subway system has little to do with the cost of operating it, and more to do with how much the government is prepared to subsidize it and the government's attempts at load ...
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What's the use of trains that spend 6+ hours of daytime en route?

You are not the only one of the train. While you go the six hour distance, most long distance trains have people getting on and off at all stations it stops. With day time trains that is well possible,...
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How to alert a bus driver to stop without pushing the stop button

The stop button is exactly there to ask the driver to stop at the next stop. If you can't get to a button, please politely request someone and they will be happy to press it for you. Here is some ...
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What is the cheapest way of travelling between London and Paris by public transportation?

If you are not time sensitive, then Eurostar Snap is an option. You pick a day and either morning or afternoon and then get told the train time the day before. (It lets them fill empty seats.) There ...
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Is there a faster route between Milton Keynes and Cambridge, England than taking a train via London?

Short answer: no, there doesn't appear to be a faster route. The main bus route from Milton Keynes to Cambridge is the X5 followed by the 905, operated by Stagecoach. Until recently this was a single ...
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How severe will language problem be in Germany?

Not very severe. In Munich as with most of Germany, automated transport ticket machines can be changed easily to a number of different languages. Physical German signs are mostly in German but their ...
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Is there a way to tell in which direction a London Tube train will pass the station platform?

For the most part, tube trains travel on the left. So, if you have a reference to the other platform, you can deduce in which direction the train will be travelling. On a few of the older cut-and-...
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What happens if the remaining balance on your Oyster card is insufficient for the route you took?

Short answer: You will be allowed to exit. Your Oyster card balance will become negative and you will need to top up before being able to use it again. Strictly speaking, customers are supposed to ...
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Why is the subway in Seoul so cheap?

I think that you just have an unconscious expectation that the subway systems of advanced Western countries must necessarily be better than others. The fact is, that they aren't as essential to ...
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Krakow to Warsaw by train - is it scenic?

I travelled the opposite direction by train (fast train) recently and while I did spend part of the journey sleeping, I can say that I don't recall seeing anything spectacular outside the windows ...
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How can I look up exactly how delayed my UK train was?

It is possible to look this up, just not on the main National Rail Enquiries sites! You need to use one of the new third party sites which have got access to the underlying Network Rail real-time ...
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