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It's impossible to answer this conclusively. Prices depend on specific flights, booking time, whether you need check-in luggage etc. For the best price, you'll need to search every time you fly. City pairs that are geographically close and have low-cost flights are generally, but not always cheaper. For example, Chiang Rai to Kunming; Hat Yai to Kuala ...


It's unlikely that you'll find better options within reasonable driving distance than DMK in general, to fly to nearby countries. As of January 2020, Thailand has 11 international airports: 2 in Bangkok 2 in the north 5 in the south and 1 in the north east. The one I've left out serves Pattaya. The only neighboring country with a direct connection to ...


USA to Mexico was free for less than seven days. But if you tell them you plan to stay longer, they ask for a fee when you leave.


You have to pay in Indonesia when you enter or leave the country. There is an exception for citizens of certain nearby countries, and the biggest ports and airports. This fee has nothing to do with visas.


Some examples that I can think of in addition to those already presented: The Argentina Reciprocity Fee that had to been paid by US and Canadian tourists: Cuba requires as tourist card, which costs around ~$50 for US citizens and ~25 for everyone else:


No. An example of charging for visa-free entry is the Tourist Card that visitors to Mexico are required to get under certain conditions. The fee is the equivalent of around $25 USD, so fairly substantial. You may have to pay even if you walk across the border so it’s clearly not a facilities tax.


One of the most well-known exceptions to this is the US, which charges a $6 fee to travelers who enter the US via land (who are not US citizens, US permanent residents/immigrants or Canadian citizens) even if their country is in the Visa Waiver Program, and in fact even if they have a nonimmigrant visa. It's possible to pay this online up to seven days in ...


No. Most European passport holders do not require a visa for Cabo Verde. However, paying an 'airport security fee', either before going, or on arrival, is a requirement. (The wording on this page suggests, however, that if you arrive by sea, you do not have to pay this fee.)


Adioso gives you that option. The [Watch Prices] button shows the following dialog which lets you select a flexible date rage and a price, it then alerts you when flights below the price you set are available by email.

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