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Wiki Voyage quotes it around 1200 TBH: Phi Phi officially has no motorised transport, though there are a few motorcycles with sidecars, usually used for goods and construction material transport. Transport on land is by foot or bicycle, but in the populated areas of Ton Sai, nowhere is more than about a ten minutes walk from anywhere else. ...


One site provides fares here. Ferry Phi Phi to Lanta 2hr - 450THB (approx USD$13) Ferry Phi Phi to Lanta by Speedboat 1hr - 700THB (approx USD$20) Seem reasonable fares for such a distance.


Wait and take the ferry is the best option.


For the Phi Phi islands, the iconic longtail boats are a way of life, and of livelihood; they're everywhere. While it's easy to rent a longtail, it may be difficult, if not impossible to find an owner willing to part with his craft and let you take off on your own. If you're staying on the island, many accommodations have speedboats for hire, along with a ...

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