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Do not take the risk, have it replaced. To me it looks like damaged beyond use. You might get home on it but as you are home, be smart and make sure you do not make life and travel harder than needed.


If she has applied for an e-visa, or bought tickets on certain airlines she may find the full passport number in her e-mail cache, especially if she uses gmail and never deletes. Some foreign financial transactions might also require that info. Sometimes filled out .pdf forms for visas etc. are also present on one's computer (I save mine in a dedicated ...


What can we do? ... Getting a new passport may take up to 2 months due to COVID. You can pay a little extra for an expedited application. If you live near a passport center, this can be relatively convenient. Processing times do seem to be longer than usual, but the in-person service will get you your passports within three days.


Balearia is very clear about this: you need a valid passport or passport card with a validity of 6 months after travel (see link below). Balearia rules They also state Note that Birth Certificates, Photo I. D, and naturalization documents ( Naturalization certificate) will no longer be accepted You will also need a negative Covid PCR test. Since many ...

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