Unfortunately you are almost certainly due nothing. Under normal circumstances, you would be due an amount of between 250 and 600 Euro under the "compensation" section of EU261, however the airline will almost certainly claim that the cancellation was caused by "extraordinary circumstances", which absolves them of paying compensation. "Extraordinary ...


If a flight is cancelled due to COVID-19, duty of care and re-routing or a refund is still due; only compensation isn't. So request it from the airline, quoting EC261 if need be. They'll likely push you to go for a voucher instead, but you have every right to refuse it. EDIT: didn't notice this is an early arrival. Doc's answer is thus correct.


You really picked the wrong booking company here. Typically multi-city itineraries are booked as a single ticket, even if they are operated by different airlines. That's typically done between partner airlines and allows the trip to managed as a single unit. The only booking agency that deviates from that is kiwi.com First you need to check whether this is ...

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