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14 to 16 January travel to France with your conditions sounds like a self-inflicted torture...especially when in cold you get stranded in train stations as well as airports...or even worse: in bus stations on streets. Its is safer to take a virtual trip to France on Google Maps and watch some slides and nice views!


This webpage provide some pieces of information. Les TGV / INTERCITES / OUIGO ouverts à la réservation sont garantis pour des voyages jusqu'au 16 janvier 2020 inclus. TGVs / Intercities / OUIGO trains still open to booking are warranted for travels up to 16 january included. So if you can book a ticket for your train, or if is still signaled as "complete"...


Long distance trains are coming close to normal these days. It’s of course still irregular. But SNCF give accurate guarantees of which long distance trains will run a few days in advance. At this time, they already guarantee that all trains you can book up to the 16th will actually run. So just head to the website and try to book the trains you are ...

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