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Can I return to the United States as a tourist after being there illegally for most of my life, as a minor?

Unlawful presence does not accrue for children under 18: An alien whose unlawful status begins before his or her 18th birthday does not begin to accrue unlawful presence for purposes of section 212(...
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Leaving Thailand after months-long overstay (can't pay fine)

This question has been asked many times, so I guess you've already found some nice resources (one, two) on this topic. You will pay the 20,000 THB fine. Possibly, more. Possibly, after imprisonment. ...
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What to do if I overstayed my e-visa for Saint Petersburg/Leningrad Oblast

First of all, if you are not fluent in Russian, you'll need (this is mandatory) an official translator to a language you speak fluently (in my case it was English, even though I'm a German). The ...
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I overstayed in US and I'm barred for ten years, but I want to visit my kid

It is extremely unlikely that you will be able to visit the US When under a ban like this the only technical way to make a visit is to apply for a Waiver of Ineligibility. However these are granted ...
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Canadian overstayed in the US for 14 years. Can I leave to Canada and return back to the US?

First and foremost, you really need a lawyer here. Looking for Internet advice in your situation is probably as "helpful" as trying to perform appendix self-surgery using Google search. There are two ...
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Madrid to London w/ Expired 90/180 days stay as US citizen

You seem to be trying to pretend that an overstay is no big deal. It's a big deal. Fix it. Someone has identified an extremely affordable flight, and you need to be on it so you are in UK soil by ...
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ESTA revoked. Can I enter on another passport?

Once your friend has overstayed a VWP visit once he is forever barred from entering under the VWP again, no matter which passport he is using. The only way to be readmitted in this situation is ...
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Passport lost 4 days before grace period ends. How to avoid illegal stay?

You will need a travel document to board your flight back to Pakistan. Call the nearest Pakistani embassy or consulate in the USA immediately. They can help you get a new passport or emergency travel ...
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How seriously should I take a CBP interview where I was told I have a red flag and could only stay for 30 days?

Immigration's job is making sure visitors to this country don't overstay, don't seek employment without the proper visa, don't rely on social services, don't commit crimes, and aren't being trafficked....
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Re-entering the UK after overstaying in 2008

The most comfortable way to find out is to apply for a visa, rather than attempting UK entry under visa waiver. If you apply for a visa you will be able to answer any questions about your overstay, ...
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Can I voluntarily exit from the US after a 20 year overstay, or could I be detained at the airport?

The US doesn't have exit checks. You can always exit the US if you don't have a pending arrest warrant. You won't be detained or deported. You will likely be banned for ten years from coming back to ...
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Overstaying in the US, is it possible to go to Guam and get back to LA?

He will most likely be able to make it to Guam - there are generally no passport checks, although legally he is still required to carry his passport. However once he is in Guam, he's in for a world ...
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Overstayed in the USA for 2 years was arrested then deported. When can I return?

The law here is somewhat complicated, but if you have more than a year of unlawful presence in the US, you face a 10 year ban. This guide for those in similar situations may be helpful: Returning to ...
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US entry after multi-year overstay advice

Her paying rent and taxes doesn’t give her any brownie points with US immigration. So my question is will she get in? Her chances are slim to none although not zero. People get admitted mistakenly....
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Madrid to London w/ Expired 90/180 days stay as US citizen

Americans who arrive in the UK with no definite plans, no return travel planned, and little money are often questioned extensively at the border and may be denied entry and removed. In your case, if ...
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Overstaying and documents

If you are born to Philippine parents, you have Philippine citizenship, so there should be no problem with your current status in the Philippines. If you have a US birth certificate, you should be ok ...
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Leaving Thailand after months-long overstay (can't pay fine)

Here's what actually happened to the OP (as indicated in a comment): So I got to the airport and paid the fine and signed some papers and that was it... booted for a year, but that was it... last ...
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Having overstayed in the US and now wanting to go back to India, will there by any problem at US Immigration?

You will not have any issues when leaving the US. The US doesn't have physical immigration when you are leaving the country - it's all done electronically. Once you check-in (and/or no later than ...
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My mom's return ticket is 3 days after I-94 expires

(This was originally a comment but I am turning it into an answer at the suggestion of @R..) If your mother applies for a visa extension before her visa expires, she is able to stay while she awaits ...
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Why doesn't my passport show if a foreign country has banned me?

No, that is absolutely not the purpose of passports. The purpose of a passport is to demonstrate that you have the identity and citizenship that you are asserting, and to use that to decide whether to ...
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How can I check if I am banned from travelling to the US?

The ban is a matter of law based on the facts of your situation. You can look at the law and make your own determination about whether you are currently under a ban based on the facts of your ...
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What are the penalties for overstaying in USA?

USA does not have exit controls, so you can go wherever you can get an airline to take you. The airlines tell the authorities about who their passengers are, so the authorities will learn about the ...
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Can I voluntarily exit from the US after a 20 year overstay, or could I be detained at the airport?

There are 2 aspects: Will CBP allow you to exit the country? Will the airline allow you to board? The US doesn't formally have exit controls, so no agency is systematically checking exit ...
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How do I get past a 3-year ban from overstay with VWP?

You have zero chance of getting into the US legally while the ban lasts. That's what a ban is. You can apply for a visa after the ban has expired, but it's going to be difficult. Since you already ...
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Overstayed my VWP in 2008 due to marriage - will I be denied a B2?

You are not eligible for ESTA because you did overstay, there's no ambiguity about that. I see no need to call CBP, they are not there to help you and many times you will get wrong information anyway. ...
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