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My online friend is asking for money in order to visit my home country. Is this a legit request or a scam?

The first rule for every such question is simple: If you have to ask, it's probably a scam While we cannot possibly examine every possible situation from every angle, online scams are simply far too ...
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How is it possible for a hotel to have Wifi but no internet access?

I think that the websites are confusing terms. I have also seen this on AirBnb where places have separate checks for WiFi and Internet. I think that what they actually mean is: WiFi - non-wired ...
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How to tell if a travel location is "affordable"?

The US Department of State publishes recommended per diem ("per day") reimbursement rates for every major city. These are intended to enable fair reimbursement for travel expenses incurred by US ...
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How to spend a night in an unknown city without a hotel? Is there a guide or resource online?

There is certainly no guide to cover it all. First, if the airline is at fault, they normally provide accommodation and meal. This has happened to me several times over the years. You must insist to ...
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Airline won't let me pay to upgrade due to purchasing original economy ticket via low-fares site - what's the logic in this?

There are many different "fare classes" of economy fare. Some cost more, and all you are paying for is "this is a class you might be able to upgrade from." The cost of the ticket plus the cost of the ...
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How is it possible for a hotel to have Wifi but no internet access?

I actually know of a hotel, which has free WiFi but charges for Internet access. Through the free WiFi, you can access the hotel's internal entertainment system, order room service, check out, "call" ...
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What coast or river-adjacent city is in this photo?

This is New York City - looking east across the Hudson from New Jersey. A similar viewpoint is available from google maps Probably from around Port Imperial Blvd just north of the Lincoln Tunnel. ...
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UAE now banning VPN access - fines of up to $545,000? Any workarounds?

tl;dr If you are using VPN for anything other than committing a crime, then there's no problem as per the law. Long answer with personal opinions This law which was announced January, 2016 is ...
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Is there a website listing the location of all the Windows 10 lock screens?

Windows 10 has added an update in the latest version allowing users to see where the photo came from. In the top-left corner of each lock screen there is now a short description of the location. ...
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What coast or river-adjacent city is in this photo?

The city is New York, facing the Borough of Manhattan and the photo was taken at Kennedy Blvd and approximately 53rd Street in West New York, New Jersey. I lived there for nearly a decade and would ...
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Flight Search from anywhere to a specific destination

Of all the search engines known to me, it can be done with Kiwi. Say I want to fly to Madrid from anywhere in Central + Eastern Europe, I can choose Madrid as my destination and a circle ...
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How to tell if a travel location is "affordable"?

The Economist Magazine invented the so-called "Big Mac Index" as an attempt to measure the relative purchasing power between various currencies. THE Big Mac index was invented by The Economist in ...
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Google Maps: Directions: Are time zones my local browser, or local to where I am searching?

I did some testing and it seems to be the time of the start and ending points you provided. I chose a route which passes a time border (between Spain and Portugal) and this is what I get: As you can ...
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Is a legitimate agent for ESTA applications?

No, the only official ESTA form is When talking about the US, you should be wary of official-looking sites that don't end in .gov. As far as I understand it, the business ...
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How to plan a UK train route avoiding the tube?

The split-ticketing booking engine TrainSplit appears to be able to do this. In the advanced options, untick all of the modes of transport you don't wish to use (untick everything besides "Train"). In ...
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Is there a booking app or site that lets you specify your gender for shared dormitories? allows filtering rooms by gender:
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Sudden cheap travel?

You don't have to seek out some special place for last minute deals. There are plenty of websites that do this - just search for "last minute deals". Alternatively, you can just go to your favourite ...
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Why does Google Flights show train stations?

The train stations included are some of those train stations that are integrated with air travel as part of an air-rail alliance for single ticketing. For example, I can search for travel from 30th ...
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Is China Southern's website optimised for a particular browser?

You're using the wrong website. Their global website--distinct from the English-language version of their Chinese website, which you show screenshots of--works fine without any fiddly mobile signups ...
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Guide for how to behave or what to expect at a Panto in England?

There are plenty of online resources, including: A stranger’s guide to Panto – or – How to get the most out of it! What is pantomime? A guide to this most British of festive institutions Wikipedia - ...
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Is there a practical way to change the phone number in Uber app when arriving at a country?

This addresses your concern about revealing your phone number: According to Uber: Contact without providing personal information. While riders and drivers are able to contact each other through ...
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How to spend a night in an unknown city without a hotel? Is there a guide or resource online?

In post-Soviet countries you will probably walk to local rail station and rest in its waiting area. It's usually open 24/7. You might be required to show a proof of onward travel from this station. ...
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How do I find the fastest route from Heathrow to an address in London using all forms of transport?

Citymapper, also available as an app for iOS and Android, has never failed me in London or other large cities where it is available. Cabs, Uber, Tube, buses, Heathrow Express, cycling, walking, I don'...
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Given the name of a US pharmaceutical drug, how can I know its equivalent in other countries?

Google is indeed your friend, and the fact that you are from US, an English-speaking country, is a great plus. Now let me say. When visiting other countries, you must check with your doctor and local ...
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Airline won't let me pay to upgrade due to purchasing original economy ticket via low-fares site - what's the logic in this?

If it is a private (or “hidden”) fare then the price your travel agent pays for your seat is a commercially private matter between your agent and his liaison at the airline. (It is probably not the ...
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How can I book a flight plan found on Matrix Airfare Search?

We just created, a site that lets you simply copy and paste the itinerary from ITA Matrix and get links to the major OTAs (online travel agents) where you can make the ...
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Where can I find out where trains are at the moment, with a map or otherwise?

Austria ÖBB Zugradar Czech Republic GRAPP Online map with all trains by Czech railway authority (SŽDC) Trains colored by delay. In details of train are scheduled and actual departures ČD Denmark ...
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Tourist / simple city maps to print

If you have a phone, you can download the maps (offline maps in Google Maps). Often you find some tourist information with maps on airports/bus stations/train stations, but it doesn't seem your case. ...
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Is there an app that will calculate a route off main roads for cycling?

For UK based routes (this is where I think you are, judging by your profile) you can use CycleStreets. It’s also available as an app on most phone platforms (Apple, Android, Windows Phone). Input your ...
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