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How do I find out if cars are allowed to drive on a particular off-road track in the UK?

For a good starting point, Ordnance Survey maps are normally a good bet, although they do not claim to be authoritative on rights of way. You can view the good quality OS maps using Bing maps (...
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Would it be safe to travel from Europe to South-East Asia overland with an ex-USSR-military truck?

I have been driving ex-military and civilian trucks of the 12 tonnes class as a camper van. I know that several travelers in "military green" trucks have been turned around in African countries, ...
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What campsites exist between Gaborone and Windhoek?

Recently came back from the trip. Ganzi is an option for better accommodation (more options), and we did stayed there on the way back from Maun. Unfortunately, it was too far from Gaborone for us (670 ...
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What campsites exist between Gaborone and Windhoek?

There are a couple of campsites near Ghanzi which is about halfway between Gaborone and Windhoek. Thakadu Bushcamp Dqae Qare El Fari Bushcamp Grassland Bushman Lodge Tautona Lodge I can recommend ...
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Sahara in Morocco - Do we need 4x4 car?

You are planning a >2000km roadtrip across Morocco. You will be covering large cities as well as smaller rural town. You will spend most of your trip driving in rural, arid, areas. The road quality ...
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Mountain road between Batumi and Akhaltsikhe

I drove this route in a Lada Niva. It's not dangerous at all and not so mountainous as you might think. The biggest part of the road from Batumi to Akhaltsikhe is not asphalted but is wide enough to ...
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Does Central Ontario contain any 'drive-through' national parks or wildlife areas?

I believe the Algonquin (Provincial) Park fits perfectly your expectations. That is a big green area in the middle of Central/South Ontario on maps. It surrounds the Highway 60, which gives access ...
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Is there any need to rent an SUV on Grand Cayman Island?

I Came, I Saw, I Enjoyed1 The roads on Grand Cayman are excellent with the usual smattering of potholes. This also includes the dirt roads in and around Barker's National Park area. So no need to ...
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How do I find out if cars are allowed to drive on a particular off-road track in the UK?

Ordnance Survey lists Inglesbatch to Priston Mill Farm as a byway open to all traffic. See legend here. Therefore, you are permitted to drive it. However, there is no guarantee that the condition ...
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What campsites exist between Gaborone and Windhoek?

Many, many years later, but for future reference, there is a very nice lodge with a campsite, just north of Kang - Kang Kalahari Rest Stop. I always stay there when I overnight in Kang. There is a ...
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Australian driving / routing site that understands dirt / un-made roads?

Yes, but not great. OpenStreetMap has surface information for roads and doing a quick survey of other known roads suggests it's moderately accurate, but there is no guarantee it is correct. Case in ...
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Bhutan Tourism - Medieval Places to visit in Bhutan

There aren't many mediaeval buildings in Bhutan, though there are some old monastries and dzongs (a cross between a castle, town hall and monastry). This is what you should look at if you want old ...
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Costa Rica: How necessary is a 4x4 car?

OpenStreetMap has the 606 into Santa Elena from the north paved, which it wasn't when I was there, also coming from Arenal. The 619 still seems to be unpaved along with some of the smaller orads. ...
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Driving On Utah Salt Flats

There doesn't seem to be any specific entry into the flats to drive but most tourist sites like talk about using Bonneville Salt Flats Speedway as a base for your speed driving. And given ...
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Self guided backcountry Monument Valley tour in a car like Outback?

You can drive the loop in Monument Valley with that car with no problem. I saw also smaller and lower cars driving the loop with no issue. The initial part is quite bumpy but if you drive carefully ...
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Process for booking an AWD/4WD car online

I rented an SUV (not an 4WD!) at LAX Hertz office through site with almost all insurances. I can see Nissan Pathfinder on link has 4WD. Normally is cheaper than .
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Where can I find details on the level of difficulty of ATV/4x4 trails in Ontario, Canada?

The Ontario Federation of 4WD Recreationists maintains a trail index, which is unfortunately accessible to their members only (joining costs $50). The trails listed there are graded according to their ...
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Contain the Georgian Triangle and Southwestern Ontario any 'drive-through' parks or wildlife areas?

Since no one has answered, here's a tentative answer: Not really. There are three main national parks in the Georgian Triangle: Bruce Peninsula Point Pelee Georgian Bay Islands None of which seem ...
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