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Rule Number 1 (for Q2): be truthful, give a realistic itinerary. The enter and exit days counts as full days. Q4: You may not enter before the first day stated on the visa. Note: Some visas (often first time visas) are issued for a date range. More often a amount of days (duration). If nothing is given then 90 days within a 180 period. So if the visa is ...


For anyone seeing this post now (I know it's a little late for the OP), EURO2 bikes is now offering this service.


The issueing of Schengen C-Visas, is on the one side restrictive, but on the otherhand practical. So it is a combination of how the visa was used in the past and the need in the future. In your case, you have allready fullfilled step 01 (properly used a single business visa). For the next application apply for a multiple entry business visa (checkbox ...


Usually multiple-entry, long-validity visa are granted after one one more single-entry, short-validity visa without overstay or incident. There are anecdotes of people getting multiple-entry visa to start with, but I don't think that can be forced, and the Netherlands now say they don't do that.

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