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Questions about withdrawing, exchanging, and handling money, encompassing any financial instrument accepted as form of payment for good and services.

Money refers to any financial instrument, in any form, used for payment of goods, services, and debts, whereas currency refers to the system of money authorized by a particular government (e.g. the Japanese yen or the Botswanan pula) or multilateral body (e.g. the euro or the East Caribbean dollar), and physical money in the form of officially issued banknotes and coins is commonly known as cash.

This tag is generally for questions about handling money, whether as cash, payment cards, bank draft, traveler's checks / traveller's cheques, and so forth.

  • Use for questions about currency conversion, bureaux de change, exchange rates, and similar topics about changing your money into the local legal tender.

  • Use for questions related specifically to electronic payment (EFT) cards of all types, such as credit cards, debit cards, charge cards, and EFTPOS and gift cards.

  • Use for questions about finding and using automated teller machines and ATM cards in various parts of the world.

  • Use for questions about protecting your money from theft or other threats.

This tag will not be useful for most questions about earning or spending money. Consider , , , , , and for some examples. For mandatory payments and surcharges, see , , and (and ). For travel requiring minimal spending, use .

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