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The signs are there because the law requires them to be. Federal law requires that the US government periodically assess the aviation security practices of foreign airports. If they are found to be deficient, the law requires that notices be posted: (d)Actions When Not Maintaining and Carrying Out Effective Security Measures.— (1) When the Secretary of ...


It's called Ninoy Aquino International Airport because that's it's name, it was renamed on August 17, 1987 with the intention of honouring Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino, Jr., who was assassinated at the airport after returning to the Philippines from his self-imposed exile in the United States on August 21, 1983. (From Wikipedia) To your actual question, ...


I would strongly recommend using the official shuttle, which can cross through airport grounds. Taxis need to use public roads around the airport, which can get extremely (as in, hours stuck in traffic) congested.


Although it's certainly correct to say "the signs are there because the law requires them to be", and other answers point to the possible effects if the situation continues, the underlying point of the warning is to let people know that the US Government considers security at Manila Airport to be inadequate. Inadequate security means they believe there is ...

6 Post Office The NAIA Terminal 2 Post Office is located at the South Wing of the Arrival Lobby beside the Pass Control Office Post Box Located within the area of the Post Office, accessible even on weekends. ...


I can't find a link but there should be no problem taking all of that through Saudi Arabia. Assuming you have a single ticket and are not leaving the airside part of the airport in Bahrain then you will not have to collect your belongings and will not go through customs. Arriving in the Philippines is different, you'll need to fill in a Customs ...


According to the Philippine Postal Corporation website, no postal offices are available at Manila Airport. Likewise checking the airport map for all four terminals failed to find anything related to postal services. However there are plenty of postal offices in downtown Manila, so perhaps you could try your luck there next time.


No you cannot. While you are not supposed to use the KUL-MNL portion, you can get away with it and even ask for reimbursement of your unused portion. However, missing the KUL-MNL port will have the last portion voided as the airline will assume you missed the flight and cancel the remaining ticket.


The attached map shows Terminal 1 and Terminal 3. Notice that Terminal 3 is just right in front of Resorts World Manila so you've got a landmark to tell the taxi driver but that should be pretty well known to the driver. Yellow taxis charge an exorbitant rate and has been reported to use dishonest meters. Try to ask help from the security personnel where ...


There is a postal office just on the right side of domestic departures. And we bought the stamps in a little shop just at international departures.


IF you can get an account in USA... Schwab bank visa debit refunds any ATM fees at the end of each month. They use the bank exchange rate when getting non-U.S. funds at an ATM. Same rate if I use it for a purchase. I have heard of other banks with similar terms, but I can't name them.


Most of these flights are on so small airlines that it's hard to get historical performance data on but the Philippine 453 flight out of 34 observations, 85% was on time, averaging only 9 minutes of delay, maximum 31 minutes of delay. So yes, the schedule is pretty firm. Rome2rio does show some bus connections but it's 1.5-2 days and does not show a ...

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