Questions about Maui, the second largest island of Hawai'i.

Maui is the second largest and third most-populous island in , situated in between Molokai and Lanai to the west and the "Big Island" of Hawaii to the southeast. It is named for the son of the legendary founder of Hawai'i, in turn named after a demigod from Hawaiian mythology.

The island is formed from the merger of two volcanoes, the West Maui volcano to the west and the much larger Haleakala to the east. On the isthmus between the two are situated Kahului, the island's largest town, main commercial center, and busiest cruise ship port; and Wailuku, the seat of government. Kahului International Airport (IATA: ) is the main air gateway to the island, with frequent interisland service as well as mainland flights.

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