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If you are on a bicycle tour, consider using Warmshowers (also on Android and iOS). This app/web site connects cycle tourists to people who are willing to host them, usually overnight, but you may also be able to find someone who can store your bike while you go home.


The flight is technically valid and you will be having the visas required. Transit Visa is not needed anyway for passengers having a canadian visa. However, these are the risks. If there is two tickets with two separate PNR, you won't get the second boarding pass from India and below case happens. From Madrid airport website: Note that if you do not ...


Leganes Central station (near the University) is on Cercanías Line C5 and Madrid Metro Line 12. In this case, Cercanías Line C5 runs every 10 minutes and journey time to Atocha station (no transfers) in downtown(ish) Madrid is about 20 minutes according to Google Maps. Since public transportation is integrated, the pass should cover this. The metro line ...

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