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Can I change the destination of the inbound flight of a round-trip ticket with Lufthansa?

It's easy to compare the cost difference DEN-BP-DEN adding SFO one way vs DEN-BP-SFO. But it sounds like you may want to rebook a ticket you already purchased. They might charge a change fee in ...
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Traveling from the U.S to Copenhagen (Munich layover - is 1.5 hours enough time)?

I made a trip through Munich Airport from USA to Israel. I had 2 hours to walk through from landing to the next gate. It was a bit rough for me because of mobility issues. We had to walk through a ...
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2h10 layover at PMI on early June, arriving from MUC, leaving for ALC. Is that enough time for connection?

The MCT is for connecting flights (where you usually stay airside, don't touch your bags, don't go to check-in...). For a self-transfer 45 minutes would of course be completely impossible, as you need ...
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