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If that's right all the Exec Platinum members are spending $15,000 + flying 100000 EQM's every year to retain their status? Yes. The clocks resets on Jan 1 every year and you need to start accumulating from scratch every year. You maintain the top status you reached in 2019 for all of 2020, but the accrual starts at 0 on 1/1/2020. There are no carryovers.


Yes, the AA page on elite status says: Earn EQMs, EQSs and EQDs during the calendar year to qualify (bold mine) Most frequent flyer programs are the same -- you have to fly a lot of miles during the year, every year. Air Canada's top tier requires 100k status miles. Some airlines have a lifetime award if you pass a million or more status miles, but that ...

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