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Earning and using frequent flyer miles, points, or other incentive bonuses awarded by airlines, hotels, credit cards, rental car companies, and others for your patronage.

Loyalty programs include all programs designed to reward customers for their loyalty. Airine frequent flyer programs, hotel frequent guest programs, and car frequent renter programs are most familiar to travelers, but such programs have become commonplace with credit cards and a wide variety of retailers. The largest such program is reckoned to be ' AAdvantage, also by most accounts the first airline frequent flyer program.

This tag is intended for questions focused primarily on the traveler's participation in loyalty programs. Questions about other aspects of partnership in need not carry this tag, but may simply be tagged as , , or as appropriate, or with the participating airlines.

This tag covers both questions about company-specific programs as well as multi-business schemes such as flybuys, Nectar, or Plenti. Questions about attaining elite status and using elite privileges may also be suitable. Include tags for the specific sponsor of a program (such as the airline), and where applicable, the locale (such as the airport code where you're trying use a lounge).

Tags for specific loyalty programs include the following: