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Here's a 2020 info: filtered water refill station located at gates 7&8, and all food and drink places are happy to refill your water bottle on request :)


There are two versions of visas for under-18 visitors to the UK. The one you have used before is intended for travel with an adult, typically a parent. There is another form for unaccompanied minors, intended for an under-18 traveling, for example, to visit a relative. You will need to prove you have somewhere suitable to stay, provide specific information ...


Direct trains (in the sense "remain in the same train") in the London -> Amsterdam direction have been operating since April 2018. However, until now, in the reverse direction (Amsterdam -> London), users had to take a Thalys from Amsterdam to Brussels, undergo security screening and passport control there, and then board an Eurostar train to London. This ...

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