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What are these large, empty towers made of connected metal girders, bars or pipes in London?

Other posters have correctly answered that these are gasometers. But it's worth noting that they are no longer used at all; they were built when the UK mainly used town gas, which needed to be stored, ...
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How early can you go through security at London Luton Airport?

I was finally able to get into contact with London Luton Airport, who stated that i'd be able to pass through security ~5h before departure - which is the point at which the airline activates the ...
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Why isn't there public transport on Christmas Day in the UK?

The United Kingdom is officially, and has been for approaching a millennium and a half at this point (if one looks at the precursor states), a Christian country. Good Friday and Christmas Day have ...
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Aren't there road signs that show populations of towns in the UK?

I have lived in five countries including the UK and never seen such a sign in real life. I only know them from American movies, where I've always semi-felt they were some sort of Wild West joke or ...
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Where to pee in London?

If you have an Android phone, then there's an app called Where is public toilet. It indicates the public toilets near you, and if they are free to access or not. It works for most of Europe. Play ...
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How long does it take to drive from Heathrow airport to Covent Garden?

If you're planning to rent a car and drive to Covent Garden, one word of advice: DON'T. London traffic and parking charges (not to mention the Congestion Charge) are mental and no Londoner in their ...
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Is a 13-hour layover in the middle of the night enough time to go see Buckingham Palace?

As you've got to make the journey between airports anyway, I say make the most of it. Sleep on the plane if you can and see the city at night. I'd pack in one backpack (hand luggage strapped on top) ...
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Is it possible to take a photo of Elizabeth Tower (Big Ben) from an airplane window?

No, airliners do not fly low enough that those can be photos. On the left-hand one the distance between the top of the tower and the horizon is much less than the height of the tower, meaning that if ...
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Why are some pedestrian traffic lights covered in shades in London?

You are most likely to find the green light with shades on the far side of a pedestrian crossing with a safety island (i.e. a two-part crossings, most often offset to each other), as illustrated below ...
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Why are some pedestrian traffic lights covered in shades in London?

These type of shades are not restricted to pedestrian traffic lights. They are widely used in the UK when there are many lights controlling different streams of traffic around a junction. Their ...
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Using oyster card in buses

They do not need to - there is a fixed fare per bus journey (£1.50 at the time of writing), no matter how long you travel. It gets a little bit more complicated if taking more than one journey - with ...
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How does the Central London transport system work?

What ticket do I need to travel in the centre all day? Is there a top-up card I can use? If you are just traveling for one day you have a few main options. Buy a paper travelcard for the zones you ...
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Can I carry someone's homeopathy medicine along to Dublin?

I would advise against taking any objects given to you by someone else for someone else. Homeopathic medicine is readily available in Ireland. The letter signed by a physician sounds fishy, since ...
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Pink Oyster reader did not reduce the fare correctly?

Short answer: The pink oyster reader did function correctly, in the sense that it has registered your journey as one that avoids zone 1. However, since you used a Southern service in between your ...
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Why are there so many nonstop flights from London to Geneva?

Geneva airport punches a little above its weight (population) because the city hosts many international organisations (it's the UN most important location after New York and was the League of Nations ...
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Why isn't there public transport on Christmas Day in the UK?

My family had no car until I was about 12. The lack of public transit on Christmas Day was no problem. We spent the day at home, or at the home of relatives. Each family member traveled to where they ...
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Is a 13-hour layover in the middle of the night enough time to go see Buckingham Palace?

Yes, it's doable. Although going through central London isn't the fastest route from Heathrow to Gatwick, you have lots of time so it's not an unreasonable route to take. You could obviously do it ...
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Where to pee in London?

I have not been to London with kids but according to my experience there are plenty of public toilets available. Most parks have facilities that include a café and toilets. In the city there are ...
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How to alert a bus driver to stop without pushing the stop button

The stop button is exactly there to ask the driver to stop at the next stop. If you can't get to a button, please politely request someone and they will be happy to press it for you. Here is some ...
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What is the cheapest way of travelling between London and Paris by public transportation?

If you are not time sensitive, then Eurostar Snap is an option. You pick a day and either morning or afternoon and then get told the train time the day before. (It lets them fill empty seats.) There ...
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Can I carry someone's homeopathy medicine along to Dublin?

Be careful! Where did you obtain the sugar pills? Did you get them yourselves from the pharmacy, or were they given to you by someone? If you got them from a pharmacy, did it look like a normal ...
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What is the highest viewing spot in London that is accessible free of charge?

The Walkie-Talkie (20 Fenchurch St) is only the 13th-tallest building in London at 160m height, but it does have a free viewing gallery (height 155m): The famous enlarged glass dome of 20 Fenchurch ...
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4 people in a cab in London? Is that allowed?

London cabs will usually have additional seats in the back which fold up when not in use. This allows up to 5 people to ride in the back. Like below:
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Why does London have 6 international airports?

The London area has six international airports: City, Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton, Stansted, and Southend, all offering commercial passenger flights. Some are rather far away from central London, however,...
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Who is responsible for ensuring valid documentation on immigration?

The person traveling is always responsible for having the right paperwork, the airline is not, nor are the immigration officers. The passport officers at the destination country will check and will ...
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Is London's Greenwich park free?

The park is free. You can stand outside the gate and see the meridian, or pay 10 pounds to enter the observatory. It's 9 quid if you book online. More information:
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What is the highest viewing spot in London that is accessible free of charge?

The Heron Tower (also known as the Salesforce Tower) is the 3rd tallest building in Greater London with a roof height of 202m, and has a restaurant & bar at 175m / 574ft called Duck and Waffle. ...
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Is there a way to tell in which direction a London Tube train will pass the station platform?

For the most part, tube trains travel on the left. So, if you have a reference to the other platform, you can deduce in which direction the train will be travelling. On a few of the older cut-and-...
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Aren't there road signs that show populations of towns in the UK?

Most villages/towns/cities have signs saying "Welcome to {name of village/town/city}", but they (almost exclusively) don't have populations on them in the UK. When you drive along motorways, like the ...
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