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There is Olde Hansa restaurant in the old town of Tallinn, Estonia. The food is of good quality (it seems they try to be as authentic as possible but still offer things that people love nowadays). In addition to good food, there used to be live medieval music played quite often. There is also craft store selling a big variety of ...


I would like to add this restaurant: Krčma U dwau Maryí, Český Krumlov. They serve traditional Bohemian cuisine from the 15th century.


Your own kitchen. Where can you eat medieval food? Your own kitchen, after you cook it yourself. There are Youtube channels such as Tasting History with Max Miller that demonstrate medieval recipes that you can try yourself. Modern History TV also has a few videos demonstrating medieval cooking for different social classes, and How to Cook That with Ann ...


You could try and look for experimental archeology groups, and see if you can find one that is interested in cooking, middle ages and is near you. Experimental archeology is a way to test hypotheses by actually physically trying them out. And it is not just done by scientists but it is a hobby for people as well. In the Netherlands there is a living history ...


Bors Hede Inne near Seattle USA: Sumptuous platters of fresh food, prepared from authentic 14th century recipes, are brought before you. Sight, smell, taste, and touch are brought into play as your fingers, spoon, and borde knyfe dip into uniquely sauced entrees, served on platters, to be eaten from your bread trencher (plate). Fine wine, mead, ale or ...


Let me add two suggestions in Sweden. The restaurant Aifur in Stockholm supposedly serves medieval cousine (I say supposedly because I really have no knowledge of what food would qualify). One week each year the medieval week (medeltidsveckan) is celebrated on the island Gotland. Supposedly you could find the food there to your requirements.


Yes, in many German cities you will be able to find restaurants that serve medieval food. I know some of the places as I am actively taking part on some medieval groups and we sometimes meet in such places (before Corona hit). Places I personally know and can recommend: Comturei in Bremen Ritterkeller in Aulendorf https://www....


It's not a restaurant, but you may have luck with the Society for Creative Anachronism (the SCA), and Renaissance Festivals, which SCA members frequent or work at. The SCA is a group that keeps the arts and culture (and food) of pre-17th century Europe alive. Everyone will be in period correct garb (or at least an attempt it). There will be people of ...


I have had some trial bites of real old recipes in open air museums, where they cook to show the houses authentic. But it is hit and miss and under covid rules almost never possible. Some do offer cooking lessons or foraging and preparing sessions, again under normal opening rules. And mostly only in the summer season.

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