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Ryanair moves flight ahead by 1h 20m, giving little option to reschedule and no option for asking for refund/voucher - is it legal?

Under EU261, when the airline changes the flight schedule more than one hour earlier (or more than 3 hours later), you have the same rights as in the case of a cancellation. From
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Is it allowed to walk across the border between Singapore and Malaysia via the Malaysia–Singapore Second Link?

It isn't allowed. I'm more familiar with the Singaporean side of the checkpoint Rather than being 'illegal' though, there's no facilities, nor way to enter the checkpoint on foot, nor is there a ...
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Toilet laws for Transgender people in Japan

Are there any particular laws surrounding the toilets in Japan for transgender people? I'll be first to answer the actual bathroom law question. Firstly, there is no bathroom law in particular, but ...
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