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Is it easier for a westerner to obtain a Chinese tourist visa in Kazakhstan or Kyrgyzstan?

In addition to what you say, the procedures for Chinese visa are also quite volatile over time, so be sure to check the sources for updates and try your luck. The best info I found is on the ...
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Where to find Kyrgyzstan trekking maps?

In popular hiking regions such as Karakol, hostels / guesthouses and outdoor equipment rentals can often provide you with suitable maps. If there's a CBT nearby, you might be able to buy maps there - ...
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Is it possible to do Naryn - Song Kul - Kochkor route independently?

There is no public transport to Song Kul, not from Kochkor nor from Naryn. You have to get a ride from a tour company, other tourists or someone supplying the yurt camps if you do not have your own ...
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Transit Visa required through PEK (Beijing International Airport) for a passport holder of Kyrgyzstan?

As a Kyrgyz passport holder, you can transit in PEK (or any airport in mainland China except XMN) without a visa for up to 24 hours. Your passport must be valid for at least 3 months from the arrival ...
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Do Macedonian citizens need visas to travel to Kyrgyzstan?

Timatic says: Visa Issuance: Visa required, except for Nationals of Macedonia (FYROM) can obtain a visa on arrival for a max. stay of 1 month. Fee: varies between USD 40.- and USD 100.-. That ...
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Do Macedonian citizens need visas to travel to Kyrgyzstan?

As a Macedonian passport holder, you are eligible for a visa on arrival, called a Facilitated Visa, according to the Embassy of the Krygyz Republic (in Canada and the USA).
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Do Macedonian citizens need visas to travel to Kyrgyzstan?

Although applying for EU membership I'm afraid Macedonia has not yet been admitted hence you do not qualify for visa-free entry as an EU citizen. There has been talk of withdrawal of visa-free entry ...
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