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The list of exemptions is in line with what other countries have been doing and is far from preventing anyone from entering the country. Citizens and their family, (future) permanent residents, temporary workers, etc. is not “almost nobody“. That probably contributes to explain why KLM is still flying to Canada (stats for Schiphol, with no distinction ...


KLM does offer vouchers for customer cancellations due to Covid-19; see In May 2020, my wife and I cancelled several KLM inter-EU flights that were scheduled to fly in June 2020. We have received vouchers that may be redeemed until December 31, 2021, and allow the paid-by-voucher flights to occur after December 31, 2021.


Ask at check-in but if nothing strange happens you will only get your luggage in Warsaw.


I think this will be fine assuming you have the proper documents for entry (the German long-term "D" visa is listed as an exception allowing you to enter / transit through the Netherlands according to IATA TravelCentre) and regarding Covid regulations (I haven't checked these for your specific situation). I've arrived at Schiphol (as my final ...


Can I see who I'm sitting next to while selecting my seat online? No, unless if the airline gives some option for passengers to share their details, e.g. for some seat and meet social service. cheating the system, e.g. bribing airline employees or bypassing some security More details about the Meet & Seat at KLM: KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has launched ...


If you have a single booking with KLM, or any airline, you will have to pick up your baggage at the baggage claim of the final airport of that booking, which for your upcoming journey is Warsaw. This means that the airline will arrange for each airport along the way to transfer your baggage to the next flight of your booking. Conversely, if your journey ...


It's not an ideal layout and I don't think there is a single right answer. I would probably go with two rows in the middle and seat kids and parents diagonally. So you have one parent sitting next to the kid (although with limited physical access) and the other before or behind, i.e. they can quickly have full access to the child through the same isle if ...


Just looking at the diagram and photo, I'd say across-the-aisle is what you want. Consider this: If you're seated in the middle next to a child also in the middle, and that child decides to get up and run around, how are you going to get over to the other aisle to handle it? If I were you, I'd pick two rows with seats across the aisle from each other, and ...


Either way you should try to recoup the taxes and fees. I think at least in Europe they're required to repay them for flights you don't use, since they're only paying them on your behalf if you actually take the flight.

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