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From a visa point of view, your plan sounds fine. Be sure to arrive early at Ben Gurion, because you may get selected for extra questioning. Enjoy your trip!


The good news - Jordan and particularly Amman have seen a huge increase in the number of students coming to learn Arabic (particularly since Damascus and Cairo became less desirable locations...), so there's a growing amount of material available for people interested in languages. Cheap? The bad news is, it tends not to be cheap and second-hand language ...


I asked my Jordanian friend. She told me that "You should be okay but do not wear a lot of chains and rings. No problem with dark clothes or metal look. If you are going to bars with your rings and chains then it's fine. However, downtown Amman and very traditional places it's better to be careful"


If you walk from Amman to Aqaba you'll stay quite a long time in Jordan. I guess you'll see Wadi mujib, Petra, maybe even Wadi rum ... It could worth to buy a Jordan pass. I don't see any problem to join Israel in your itinerary although you should check the border status few days before you arrive.


Based on reports from multiple people, the Jordan land-border crossings with Israel WILL stamp your entry visa/stamp onto a piece of paper if asked. They will not do this by default, but if you ask them to then they will most likely do so - however there is technically no guarantee they will do so, so as always it's a good idea to ask nicely! If you are ...


Your first flight segment is on a Ryanair flight. Ryanair does not have baggage interlining agreements with other airlines, as they are a low cost carrier. Thus you need to go through immigration, pick up your luggage, check it in for your next flight, and then go back through immigration for your next flight segment. This means two things: First, you need a ...


Timatic suggests that you will not require a visa if you have a confirmed ticket onwards departing within 48 hours: National Pakistan (PK)/Residence Poland (PL) Transit Jordan (JO) Transit United Arab Emirates (AE) Destination Pakistan (PK) Jordan (JO) TWOV (Transit Without Visa): Visa required, except for Passengers with a confirmed ...

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