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You should be alright, your connection time is generous. But if your incoming flight has serious delays you might run into some trouble. In that case you may need to go for the fast option rather than the cheap one, or be late for your second flight and miss it. The trains, both subway and LIRR will be busy and can get crowded at peak times, but the locals ...


From the OP in the comments: I considered all the caveats, and since I'm on separate itineraries on different airlines elected to change my inbound to an earlier flight.


If the plane is on time, this is doable with Global Entry, hopeless without. Upon landing, you might see a queue a mile long waiting for immigration and empty space next to it. This might be signposted for crew only or not at all but don't be disheartened, by the time you actually get to immigration (this can be a few minutes walk next to all the people who ...

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