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Japan tourist visa: Surname spelt differently on my income tax return

No one can answer for sure, as we are not with the Japanese consulate. You can always ask them about this kind of questions though, and I see no reason why they won't answer. But there's always a safe ...
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Lost a registered Kansai-area ICOCA card, how do I recover its value in Tokyo?

As far as I can tell, the only way to reissue an ICOCA card is to physically go to a station counter within the ICOCA service area, full stop. You're also charged ¥1050 for the privilege (service ...
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Connection through the US, which airline's baggage rules apply?

You have specifically asked about the fact you are connecting through the US. As you're no doubt aware, the US has specific rules that vary from most other countries around how the charges for ...
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China citizen traveling to Narita. Do I need a visa?

It is possible to move between terminals airside at Narita, provided that you have a connecting flight at another terminal. That said, I don't think the said hotel (Nine Hours Narita) is located ...
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