"J-1", a non-immigrant visa issued by the United States to **exchange** visitors participating in programs that promote cultural exchange, especially to obtain medical or business training within USA.

J-1 visitors may remain in the United States until the end of their exchange program, as specified on form DS-2019. Once a J-1 visitor's program ends, he may remain in the United States for an additional 30 days, often referred to as a "grace period," in order to prepare for departure from the country.

Different categories exist within the J-1 program, each defining the purpose or type of exchange. While most J-1 categories are explicitly named in the federal regulations governing the J-1 program, others have been inferred from the regulatory language.

Private sector programs:

  • Alien Physician
  • Camp Counselor (summer camp)
  • Intern
  • Student, Secondary School
  • Teacher
  • Trainee