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I don't know about Sicily specifically but in most of Italy this would not be much of a problem. Italians are big on fruits, vegetables, meat & fish. Of course they are even bigger on pasta and pizza :-). A typical Italian restaurant menu has multiple sections: antipasti (appetizers), primi (lots of pastas), secondi (generally meats, fish), contorni or ...


It is quite typical in Italy to have meat and carbohydrates as separate courses. For example, one of the primi piatti (often pasta) and then one of the secondi piatti (often meat or fish without many sides). It is very normal to have one or the other rather than both, maybe with an antipasto or a dessert. (http://www.taste-of-italy.com/2014/12/antipasto-...


yes it's possible, many rental companies offer such a service. If you perform a search on autoeurope.it (a rental car broker service which I usually use) you will find plenty of options and companies. Keep in mind that picking the car in one location and giving it back in a different one is usually more expensive than using the same location.


I visited Sardinia this summer and when buying the first batch of postcards, I asked the cashier in the souvenir shop for stamps. He sold me a couple, but when I was sticking them on later, I found that the stamps looked different from what I previously bought elsewhere. I looked online to find some information about them and found that people complain about ...


Sicilian here. Consider it basically a non-issue. In Catania and Palermo there are even a few "Keto-Inspired" restaurants where you can require which caloric intake you're going for, but for the most part I can't think of any restaurant/tavern/pub that isn't serving beef/meat with salad. Actually, I think the opposite is way more uncommon.


Yes you can rent in one place and return to the company in an other. This of course only works with a company with locations in both places which is willing to accept it. Depending on the company they may charge extra for the different location. Car rentals start from half a day, or even shorter, or a single day, again depending on the company. One thing ...


It may be too early to see and book all specific options. Airlines may add routes or schedules yet and buses usually don't publish schedules more than a half a year in advance (often even less). Fly direct to Trieste (1:20) + bus to Ljubljana (1:44) Volotea flies direct, but only shows schedules through July 2nd 2020. They have a 1:20 flight on Monday June ...


The villages and cities in South Tyrol (Provincia di Bolzano) are all reachable by public transportation, frequency will vary. Timetables/Fares are searchable here (Sorry, poor English translation). Perhaps a "holiday ticket" would be practical.


Thanks all, The Frecciarossa 9520 train was a little late, but arrived with enough time for us to find the track #3 where the train to Lucca departed. We will be less stressed on our way back.


From Rome2rio, the quickest way is to take a flight from Naples to Trieste (TRS) ans then a 1 hour 15 minute shuttle to Ljubljana.


The Italian consulate is required to give you an appointment within two weeks. The way you describe it, it looks like they are ignoring EU rules. In your case, I would contact the consulate and perhaps the embassy. Contacting them now will also help you to prove that you actually tried to make an appointment early. When you hand in your application, they ...


I'd say no - the prices didn't seem to be changing at all for Jadrolinija. But, if you want a specific date or cabin then you should book in time. I don't know about SNAV since I haven't travelled with them. One could make some better research and actually check the differences.


Regarding the Naples to Amalfi leg, I took ferries, and would suggest them as an option too. Note that this is the most complicated part of the trip in my opinion, so merits expansion of other options. The ferries are more scenic, and get you to the better parts of town, and are not as constrained by the traffic jams that can occur from Naples to Amalfi. ...

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